Thursday, January 27, 2005

3 Gentlemen

last week, i talked about 3 Haji. Today, it's 3 Gentlemen - they made my day :)

a) Secret Agent :- the first person I pursuaded to blog. He started his first blog back in December. But he has too many 'ways' and 'showman' , that I kept the wrong link. So all this while, I was a little bit dissappointed thinking that Secret Agent is idle, not an active blogger. Today, the cloud is cleared, sunshine is out .....rupa-rupanya Secret Agent has been actively blogging ....BRAVO - tonight I will burn midnight oil to catch up ! Great Job, keep it up .....

b) Anti-Ringgit :- I was so thrilled to receive FIRST comment from Anti-Ringgit. Gee, like kena lottery. Then realized all this while, he has never read my blog, sebab he tak tahu my link. ai see men ......macam me blur blur with Secret Agent's link la......Never Mind, though it is obvious Anti-Ringgit visited my blog because of 'someone' else ....still I'm HAPPY !

c) Ringgit :- Ringgit passed the word around to Anti-Ringgit, chased away the dark cloud for me. Plus, Ringgit sent me very very nice nice songs ....Thanks !

Boy, 3 gentlemen ....3 good friends .... great day - life is sweet now :)


ringgit said...

Send you nice songs but put me as number 3 :P

rotitelur said...

how do you know anti-ringgit read your blog? I want him to read mine too.

Kancil said...

Any specific reason you named me as Secret Agent???