Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Though I studied in US, I had no exposure to musicals (what a waste yeah). Back then, I didn’t know anything about Broadway or West End musicals. Plus I also had no luxury money to spend on entertainment. It was in my ex-company, that I got to meet this bunch of friends, who introduced me to musical. I’ve had a lot of great memories working in my ex-company. For musical, a great thanks to Bootiedelicious, she was the one who brought me to my first musical - Miss Saigon in September 2001, at Kallang Theatre (Singapore). I still remembered I had to work till early morning, then rushed to Singapore with my friends. I was amazed with the stage performance, the live orchestra was so great, the props were so real….excellent performance and value for money. It was then I started to slowly pick up more on musicals. Geee, I’m just thinking, if fate didn’t arrange me to know Bootiedelicious, Anti Ringgit or RInggit, would I know how to enjoy this now ? My other circle of friends, mostly Chinese educated, don’t enjoy musicals ( this is just from my own observation, I’m not saying all Chinese educated folks act the same ).

I went to watch Phantom of the Opera AGAIN, the third time. I myself, am amazed with how much I’ve enjoyed this movie and the songs. I’ve never so gila on a movie until I watched 3 times. Before the movie, I started listened to the songs during office hours ( Canadian cast, Original cast ), while in the car, I listened to the movie version (I prefer Emmy Rossum’s voice than Sarah Brightman’s). After the movie, I felt more excited, I can’t describe the feeling here …. It’s very unique, felt pleased, satisfying every time I watched the movie….. and I blasted the songs on my way home …. I guess this is how it is like, when I truly enjoy it. I’m happy ! If anyone ask me to go for Phantom again, I will still say yes , with condition must go to Mid Valley GSC THX theatre….

I’ve been to a few with TaiPoh in San Francisco, there were a few sweet moments as well, it is nice to have good company, one who also click and enjoy doing the same thing. TaiPoh will be back to Malaysia for good…I’m looking forward meeting her, and we’ll reconnect again exploring more musicals then :) ….thinking of phantom and the songs, make my day !!!


Kancil said...

My first musical - Kallang as well. It was CATS. I love CATS very much. That was many years ago and I entitle for the Student Price ticket. :P

I addicted to musical since that time, only specific to Andrew Lloyd Webber. When I first stepped in Melbourne, I asked for Musical. But non of my friends interested. I only heard Beauty and The Beast was showing. However Phantom of The Opera and Miss Saigon was in Sydney. I purposely planned a trip to Sydney during winter break. Watched the two musical. The first time I watched Phantom of the Opera, I only concentrated on the Theater Effect but the cast dissapointed me. The Phantom was awful. His voice like an old man. But Miss Saigon really good. I was so impressed with Joanna Ampil, who was cast as Mary in the new version Jesus Christ Superstar in London. I bought the soundtrack.

I was so kiasu. I bought the Sunset Boulevard ticket in Feb but the show will open end of the year. I got the first night ticket. Although not the premier. I watched 6 times of Sunset Boulevard! Super crazy! I covered the first night and the last night.

West Side Story also another musical that I watched in Melbourne. I like Songs and Dances... The songs that remind me of my school time, that I played the pieces in the School Orchestra.

After back to Malaysia, the opportunity of watching Musical is less. When I know Joseph and the Amazing Technic Color Dreamcoat is showing in Singapore, I purposely go to Kallang Theater again. My friend said I am rich! I guess only musical fans will understand.

After that, I watched RENT, Miss Saigon and CATS in Singapore and Malaysia. Last year, I have the chance to watch musical when I was in UK for my Face 2 Face. I watched Phantom and Bombey Dreams. Excellent Cast and performance! If I am in London again, I will definitely watch the Phantom again plus Les Miserable.

Bahija said...

Wow, Kancil - great comment and sharing .....my dear musical fan. I wish for a trip as well, may we explore the Phantom or Les Mis kat UK yeah :) , thanks