Sunday, December 14, 2008

baptism ...

This morning , I was very busy with my special kid ministry (prior to church sunday service) .... too busy to notice that today was the water baptism day .... Last year Dec 2 , it was my big day. I was water-baptised then. My family members , RotiTelur from Singapore, DockersPant and hubby from Penang, Gary N Rachel , Ringgit came to witness me :) .... wow, it's been a year. Unfortunately, today , I also stood up - confessed that I'm a backslider, there are many areas in my life where I haven't done right , and get right with God , I miss the joy , the special care , the still voices that my Lord used to communicate to me .... I've lost them somehow , really hope to revive and receive them again :) ... pls My Lord !

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