Monday, December 22, 2008


Today I was off from work , hippie ! FINALLY had the chance to go to malls , walked past those nicely decorated christmas trees, listened to christmas songs, to feel the season , of course - this is the commercial side of Christmas :) , this atmosphere makes me feel good , like it's time to wind down for the year. Bahija had a deep thought, for 2008 , what shall I get for myself ? I have the tradition to buy myself a gift every year in December - 'killing many birds in one stone lah' - as my little reward for the hardwork I put in this year , as my bday present, as my christmas present. Thought for days and couldn't figure out what is an ideal gift ..... today , when I walked into the mall , viola - I got myself a MIRACLE. As I am hoping , wishing, praying for a MIRACLE :) ...... The best part is my Quiet Time (QT) with the Lord, QT for Dec 22 - 'December Desire' , it talks about miracles , so 'kiew' eh - hohoho, hahaha, hehehe. Bahija is goin to dream land now - and it is a sweet one , sweet miracle :)

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