Thursday, December 18, 2008

well blessed ....

Bahija is really pleased, blessed to have many loving family and friends around me...way back on Nov 22, I've received my first bday present from Ms.Sanguine, a very lovely pouch. Tonight, I was invited for a home cooked dinner. This elder, who is 70+ wanted to bless me bday and christmas meal, she asked me what food do I want ? I replied 'nasi lemak' - which was a bad idea actually, because it takes A LOT of effort to prepare nasi lemak. I kinda felt 'paisek' ... Anyway, this elder cooked chicken rendang the day before , rendang is nicer after 1 day. This morning, she prepared the rest of the items (plus sambal petai), she used fresh coconut milk, peeled lots of onions, cooked this super delicious yummy dinner for me ..... then her whole family showered me with many gifts too, WOW , what can I say , Thank God for the blessing, Thank God for having this great friends :) I ate whole plate of rice tonight - very very kenyang and sweet in my heart, sweet in my blood, sweet in my body all the way ....To this family who made my day so special, thank you very much - muaks !!!! Belum habis , then I also had supper with my cell members - yummy USJ 14 Yong Tau Foo and a blackforrest cake, most memorable of all , we took our cell group photo. It's rear to have 2 cell members having same birthdate , tonight we celebrated. It's the last cell meeting for 2008. Gosh, time super duperly fliessssss ....As I'm enjoying every single moment and remaining days of December , I can't help but to recall my 2007 Dec .... this time last year , I was in USA. My last business trip sponsored by In-Kei. Those were one of the best moment in my life too, managed to meet my old friends, spent a great evening with some of them, I really miss them , miss the places , miss In-Kei and of course, miss my sister and nephew who are in LA. To all of them, I wish them Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays , Happiness and Healthy always ......missing all of you across the milessssssss

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