Wednesday, September 13, 2006

special visit .....

Tonight my cell leader visited me at my house....they posted a question to me, asked me to 'lead' the special kid ministry during Sunday morning at Children's church - WOW. This is something new ! scary-nya. To be a helper - i suppose Bahija is ok be the 'leader' - that is such a huge role for me at this moment ....don't think I can handle that. My mind a bit 'luan' after they left :)

a) went online prepared for meeting, then immediately a far far away old friend whom i have not chatted for long time, popped up and chatted with me ....he encouraged me to take the challenge, even agreed to give me ideas and willing to meet with me frequently ( virtually ) to work this out ....talking about 'kiew' - this happened at the right time eh !

b) many moons ago , Bahija indeed had the thought of setting up a special kid care center ...but it was more on 'NATO' No Action Talk Only kind of thingy, have 'bin-ed' that idea for long time ..... now this request come , it is a real one wor - i kelam-kabut liow ... aiiiii

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