Wednesday, September 06, 2006

my old friend

I met SY when I was standard 4 , counting the years, we've known each other for 24 yrs ..... we were the girl scout group leaders, had many wonderful camping nights together. After graduated from high school, i went overseas , and she took some diploma classes locally. She's a very helpful, friendly person, always comes with smiley faces. Unfortunately, a year ago, she got a weird problem, some virus infection that destroyed her bones. Some part of her chest bones were missing now .... and worst case, the doctors were not sure of the root cause , couldn't diagnozed well, and she has to hop from one doctor to the others ....thus a lot of guessing , and this truly put her into frustration, and lots of $$$ involved....from a cheerful young lady, now she turns into an old lady who walk slowly, speak slowly , no strength , and suffer chest pain all the times, also breathing problems sometimes. She has no mood to SMS, to be on the phone or to meet with friends ....she's just too weak, too moodless to do anything. I felt sad for her , visited her - Bahija didn't know what to do , what to say , aiiiii - wish that she could recover lah

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anti-ringgit said...

i guess there is nothing you or her can do if the disease is rare and unpredictable. i guess just do what's important in her life within her capabilities?