Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Filial Duty

An article on Filial Duty --- being Bahija , I'm a strong supporter on this topic :) ...very simple rule, my parents sacrified a lot for me , for my siblings, and they love us so much. When we were young, my mom selalu makan ubi keledek for lunch, makan white porridge with soy sauce nia. I've lost one, if I don't bother to spend time , shower love to my mom, I'll be a damm fool.

My youngest sis - lalalililatappong works in a publishing company, she always get free movie tickets. Bahija and some of her friends got to enjoy the freebies :) . One of the free movie was 'Click' - the morale of the story is simple - priorities in life , and opportunity costs which come with them , i suppose ...

Speaking of movies - I'm quite dissappointed, there are no good movies this year, even Dec also blank nia - aiyuh, what happen ???

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anti-ringgit said...

Go watch 'Devil's wearing Prada' - a chic flick! Meryl Streep was really cool!