Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Landed in Tmn R ....

About 34 yrs ago, my parent had 2 choices, either bought a house in Bangsar or Tmn R. They decided Tmn R for 3 reasons ( how i wished they chose Bangsar eh ) ..... the reasons were :
1. Nearby a bus stop - public transportation easier ( back then , cars tak laku yet )
2. Primary and secondary school were nearby too - easier for kids to walk to schools
3. There was a special kid school run by NGO in Tmn R

When Teddy Bear was kicked out by the Sentul primary school's headmaster, mum had no choice to put him in Tmn R Special Kid school. Which was a good decision. Teddy Bear learned a lot of things, he could speak a few Bahasa Msia words or sentences, he knew what's mata, telinga, kaki, tangan, mulut, cikgu, mandi etc etc .... the power of education - works just great on mentally retarded kids. The school was run by a great woman, we called her Ms Tan. She's an angel to the kids. She truly gloried God - a person who practised fruit of spirit well. The kids loved & respected her, she scarificed a lot for the school & society for her NGO works.

Back then, when Teddy Bear sicked and ponteng school, his classmates would came knocked on our house & checked on him leh, so 'kam dong eh'. They had their own special world with their own body languages & laughs. I was very young then, I remembered they called each other by names, so sweet. Teddy Bear was so much happier then...Aiiii, the regulation stated that special kids over 18 yrs old had to leave the school and enrolled in Wisma H kat Brickfields. It was bad timing then, those teachers there weren't that caring, or lack of patience. Teddy Bear came back home with bruises on hand or legs, sometimes with bleeding mouth. We also heard other parents filed similar complaints. Soon or later, mum decided not to send him to Wisma H. That concluded his fun time at school .... from the age of 19 yrs old until now 40 yrs old. He stays at home all the times ( mum and dad had to work hard to provide for the family, and we the siblings were all busy growing up with our own world ) , so Teddy Bear just sit at home 24 hours do nothing - it's boring and his brain stopped working, now he forgot the Bahasa Malaysia words too ....

One thing I've always question myself ? Am I doing anything for him ? have I done enough ? No doubt he's mentally retarded, but he's alive, a human with feeling. He understands 'sad' , 'happy' .... my exposure with other special kids - I find that Teddy Bear is quite 'kuay' and adorable.

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anti-ringgit said...

He is yr brother ! Both of you sharing the same flesh and blood! If you are a christian you should know this is important. So there is no question abt doing right or wrong. Its a duty for being a sister and brother at birth.