Friday, March 06, 2009

pray for our country

April is a significant mth for someone , and for us - the msians. There's a change of power... thesedays, we can see the various political issues in P state, there's the tamil community with the sensitive race issues , the 'A' word not allowed to be used in catholic publication ...Tonight, my church prayed for the above, we are praying for this whole week too, people need to have wisdom and peace in their heart, to do the right things ..... especially our leaders. At the end of the day , me , as an individual msian, I really wish for a peaceful, fair community... As I sang the song related to Malaysia, I want myself to be proud for being Malaysian. May God bless us this, protect us during this critical moment.

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Anti-Ringgit said...

The end of this issues is the end of greed? Will people become non greedy? NEVER!