Friday, March 20, 2009

Help the needed community .....

Hi all , previously I've briefly mentioned about a community project that is setup and run by my church.... Here, I want to promote it again .... it is called CareMart .... please click on 'caremart' link... the link show u the map and direction to go's a mini supermarket , for all the grocery you buy , you are donating all the profit to the less fortunate folks. We have a list of legitimate recipients , they are poor or hard-core poor families .... they come to CareMart and buy their items at a very very cheap price. The items they can buy at discounted price are rice, bread, some canned food , washing powder, Milo , milk powder - the necessary items, whereas items like coke, nescafe no discount, as those are 'luxury' items.... If you are thinking of gifts for friends, perhaps can get CareMart vouchers :) , there are RM10 and RM50 vouchers.

This is a community project , we are not Giant, Tesco or Carefour , we don't have the capability to keep huge stocks , thus can't keep the price as cheap as them....the selling price is whatever the price we bought from the supplier with some profit margin. The profit goes to charity. So, when you go CareMart , please don't compare the price as those 3 big boys lah , we can't compete with them, plus we are not in the business to compete with them anyway ...the objective is very different :)

So , again .... those of you who have a lot of cash to spare , who doesn't know what gift to get for friends or family , perhaps go for "CareMart vouchers " :)

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