Friday, March 20, 2009

OKU parking lot..

Today, I went to University Hospital, PJ with my lovely mummy, she had doctor appointment....While I was driving around the parking complex to get a parking space....I saw a young teenager girl quickly parked her 4-wheel drive on a OKU ( Orang Kurang Upaya ) parking space .....just in case you don't know what is OKU parking space , the parking space is colored in blue or in other bright color with a wheelchair logo - to signal people that those spots are specially reserved for the less fortunate folks..... so , the young teenager sapu one OKU space. Then next, another indian couple also sapu another OKU space , in my mind , I thought they could be old folks who couldn't walk well, so OK la, let them parked.... so I purposely waited for them to get out of their car, entah-entah both of them could walk very well ..... that was an inconsiderate act, again, for their own benefit - they simply parked their cars at OKU spots. It's very common that OKU spots are easily taken up by the normal folks.... when the 'real' OKU folks come, they couldn't find any parking ....aiii
Over at General Hospital ( GH ), KL ...this kind of scenarios SELALU happen, until GH has to hire a guide, stand in front of the open air OKU parking lots, jemu matahari , sweat under the hot sun , station at the OKU parking spaces, put up signs, chained the spaces - and manually open the parking spaces when a genuine OKU folk drives in ..... if not, none of them get any spaces. GH is open air , the road , the buildings are not well built for handicapped .... it's extremely difficult to wheel someone along the road , from the public parking spaces to the hospital. I tried once , killing me ....

Thesedays , a lot of the shopping malls, new business commercial areas have started to build and reserve OKU parking lots, of course , being us, the first class facility, third class mentality - a lot of abusers around the town , I just wish all of us set an example , start to educate folks , make them aware that having a pair of healthy legs, being able to walk is a blessing, please park nicely , be considerate and bless the less fortunate folks ....

I wish I could or dare to confront the teenager and the indian couples today , told them that their act was wrong .... I didn't - haaa, i was rushing for my time, but I'll set a prayer for them, by all means , they'll learn this lesson very soon :)

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