Sunday, March 08, 2009

Faith Factor

Sunday Star under Fit4Life section, there is an article about 'Faith Factor' - can faith really work miracle and heal the body ? there are some scientific explaination...some of coz still mystery. It's quite a good read, try read it ..... this article covers chant, meditate or pray.
I'm still a new baby christian, it's my 4th year now :) , I've had the privilege of attended some seminars, workshop, 1 healing session, prayers marathon...have heard some marvellous stories, indeed some are miracles. I've seen elite knowledge workers whole heartedly believing in Miracle, knowing that God will grant them the miracles. 2 weeks ago, I attended 'Hearing God's voice' seminar, the speaker touched my heart when he shared his experience in healing an epileptic child, a child who had 5 seizures a day. Since the healing prayer, the child had 1 seizure in 2 months time. Wow , that's something. This speaker is highly motivated, it's very encouraging to listen to him, to look into his eyes, or even to walk up to him and had him lay his hands onto my tired burdened shoulder .... Now, I have a long way to go on faith journey, good thing is that I'm improving , the joy comes when I'm able to receive the message that God wants me to comprehend me, it is ! Hallelujah ... For this simple Faith, I've told God that I want to give a public testimony , I want to stand in public and share a miracle I've been asking for , that is to heal my Teddy Bear , either stop or reduce his seizures tremendously.....for the past few months, I've been demotivated, feeling very tired and frustrated that after changing multiple medicines, his fits wasn't reduced yet gotten worst. I'm out of ideas, in the midst of considering his brain surgery option....yet in fear. I'm glad that He sent this great man, Marc Dupont to my church, helps up-lifted me a bit :) ..... F.a.i.t.h is just 5 characters, yet it is extremely hard to master, I shall continue to pray :)

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