Thursday, March 05, 2009

employed vs self-employed ....

This is my 8th months of being a sole proprietor .... I'm still learning , still adjusting ... At this point, I'm still positive about this arrangement, it's a new environment for me to explore. I don't know how far I could go ....just glad that I have this opportunity to try things out

Employed vs Self-employed
EPF, medical vs none
mthly income vs may not be mthly
fixed working hrs vs flexible
lots of colleagues vs solo
lunch kakies vs solo
BE form vs B form
PCB (potongan cukai bulanan) vs pay once yrly
EA form vs none
Bonus vs no bonus

One of the thing I realize is that , I don't have EA form, when I walk into the bank to apply for half a million loan , the bank most likely will reject me , because I'm new in my sole proprietorship. Bank afraid that I may not get my future business income .... Due to this reason, one of my friend decided to quit and go back to his employment environment, so that he can continue to apply more loans from banks , especially now , since loans are cheap ( according to his strategy lah ) ....

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