Wednesday, September 23, 2009

an eyesore .....

This is the the goals of the 9th Msia Plan :-
- to move the economy up the value chain
- to raise the capacity for knowledge and innovation and nurture 'first class mentality'
- to address persistent socio-economic inequalities constructively & productively
- to improve the standard and sustainability of quality of life
- to strengthen he institutional and implementation capacity

Raya weekend, I brought my mum to Ikea. It's been a long time since my last visit. My mum didn't know there's a Ikea's cafe, so I brought her there to taste the 'sweedish' dining experience la. It's cool that now we can use a food stroller to put our food - make life much easier for customers :) ..... after we paid for food , we were looking around for an empty table - what I saw was really eyesore lor ....tables full with rubbish. People ate and left, left with a dirty table spilled with juices, ketchup sauces, napkins, empty dirty plates .....gosh , the whole 'sweedish' dining experience sudah putus steam liow .....Aiyuh , big signs all over saying 'please put the trays back to the tray stations' ..... when the cafe was crowded with people , tables dirty with trash, wow - the scenary wasn't nice at all. We found a table , of course super dirty. Chin Chin Chai Chai ate our afternoon tea, then left. When we left, we put all things back into the tray, I put the tray in the tray station, mum used paper towel cleaned the table - the shining clean white table is all set for the next customers to sit, relax and enjoy their afternoon tea.....
Talk about 'world class facility' - which Ikea has - I like the gadgets they are providing.... yet 'First class mentality' - SORRY lor , entah bila we can get to that level .... times like this, I wish the kiasu mentality kicks in , at least some kiasu-ism can push msians to improve more , kan .....

** addtion : Bahija saw a few folks who cleaned the tables, put the trays back to the tray stations - unfortunately, they were mostly foreigners ( perhaps one day I sit and do survey - check how many msians actually practise self-service all the way )

The issue here is not about self-service or not , it's about being accoutable for things and not being selfish. It is also link to self-dicipline, after we eat at home, do we leave a table full of trashes ? or we clean up ...if we don't clean up , do we create a total mess ???? to the parents out there , education starts from home, even at Ikea's cafe or fast-food chain - teach the kids and yourself to be good citizens ....


ringgit said...

No doubt Malaysians need to improve our mentality but I want to say that the same can be said on a lot of foreigners. See, to me any crowded places will see litter.. even say Disneyland or some foreign places-of-interest during summer. It's the crowd mentality.

In Singapore, I have seen bad litter in MRT station during peak hours. It's not that Malaysians are low class.. it's just that any concentration of many, many human beings are like that.

In a foreign country, you don't see it as much because the populations are pretty spaced out. What's the word they use - people per mile square or something? The less people in a place/restaurant/etc, the less litter.

I have not been to New York but I can tell you that NYC is not going to be as clean. London is a dirty city.

Paris is beautiful - maybe Paris is not as crowded as London - after all, the city has not much high rise buildings, thus, less populated.

That's my observation lar..

Kiasu-Ching said...

Oh well, settle down you 2! to me all these are related to your upbringing. it's in your root. it's not about how crowded or not crowded. kids or even adults do what their parents or family told them to do. once this built in .. it is very hard to change. so again, this is education - remember civic study at school?? i think it has dissapeared from the school subject now.

Secondly, people are now motivated by money or advantage more than anything else. Very simple, if ikea put a stroller but need 10cent each, and will be given back upon returned of the stroller, you can bet how clean the place will be!

The world today is driven by a force call greed and convenient. that's my opinion.