Friday, September 25, 2009

child development crawling

Tip no 1 , when your baby learn to crawl , by all means - encourage him/her to crawl. Don't stop the baby from this action , or replace this action with sitting in the walker or others.... at the crawling stage, the baby is developing his/her brain's a very important child development stage. The more the baby crawl , the better it is. Observe their coordination too, it shld be bilateral movements of the arms and legs, right arm , left leg. If you see right arm right leg - hmm, please keep observe and if need to , check with the doctor. Some parents are very proud , over joy when their babies didn't crawl and terus learned to walk or stand, Today I learnt that there are babies who skipped the crawling stage. Well, when this happened, it should be a major concern for the parent - must keep an eye and if need to , bring to the doctor for immediate checkup - chances are these baby has some brain disorder liow lor ....

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