Wednesday, September 23, 2009


My country is very hot on this new branded name '1Msia' ..... we can see this branded name used in food, in places, in sales ....just about anything everything also can link to '1M' la....I'm not in favor of this rebranding, it's just like a marketing strategy sahaja.... anyway , my comment today is I am sad and ashamed to see a big newspaper advertisement or a big billboard on the road , on bus , practically on the public space - usually the models on the ad are only malay, chinese and indian folks... does that represent Msia ? as we always preach about Msia being multi-racial ....our poor own bumi faces - satu pun tak ada ....where's the kadazan, iban, or even the sikh ? To me, rebranding with the wrong representation is even worst .... aiiii

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Kiasu-Ching said...

1M is a good idea, lets face it. u may be educated and understand what's going on, however, i can safely say 60% of the people may be not so urrm let's use the word bright. they follow where the wind blows. even if the 40% did not buy the branding, at least the 60% ride on the waves. it's call influence and any governing parties desperately needs it.

however, this world is complicated. there is no guarantee of whoever you side will stand for justice. finding the balance is never easy. today all i heard are these people who voice out their dissatisfaction rather finding a solution on how to fix it. by asking more land, more money, more benefits will only fix YOUR one person problem. Any decent politician should look further away, not MY vision but OUR vision! how to do it? i don't have a clue if it can be achieved. For now, the people just need to understand where to draw the line and not over the line!