Saturday, May 30, 2009

my 'rubbish'

---> these were my Uni text books , I shipped them back from Missouri , USA .. then stayed inside my bookshelf for yearsssssssssss

--> these were the books from my first company. Those were 'history', I wouldn't be able to subsribe to these books now ..
---> Dec 1999 , I-kei gave each employee an organizer, with a personalized note from the country GM, with my lovely photo sekali ..... I even stamped my chinese name on it , hehehe
Bahija kept all these things for years, some I've never touched them since the day they arrived at my book shelves. Too bad, moving forward, need to upgrade them to 'rubbish' , recycle them as junk , all these books weighed 77 kg , I recycled them for RM 16 only, gosh - those sentimental values , those 'feeling' I had on them cost more than that leh , aiiii , too late - sudah 'recycled' liow ...


rotitelur said...

I have many of those sitting at my mum's place. Everytime I go back KL, I told myself I should clean them or move then but there had been sitting there for 13 years.

Kancil said...

wah.. COBOL, "Bo TAT LUI" leow... No wonder so cheap hor.