Saturday, May 09, 2009

JPA scholarship

At 12 midnite, my sis called me , I takut ingat apa emergency , we don't call each other at or over midnite ..... hehe, it's a GOOD News.  The farewell we did for my niece kind of 'wasted', coz she's not going to Kedah liow, because she got her JPA full scholarship.  My niece is so happy , her dream to study overseas will be materialized pretty soon ....  out of 2000 students who applied for JPA scholarships, she's one of the lucky one,  I'm very happy for her ,  Thank God for the blessing.  Next,  is to find out where will she be going , India ker ?  she's studying veterinary science ...hope it's USA la ,  Bahija just love to go to USA - that's the place where I graduated, where I spent my best of life ....I do hope to attend her graduation at one of the US university .... dream ......

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Kancil said...

Smart Girl!

Sigh... I also miss US leh... when can go again?