Tuesday, July 12, 2011

phone for the elders

My brother in law bought this inomobile phone for his 78 years old mother. I find this practical, a good sharing. This phone is manufactured in Singapore. It has big screen with big fonts, SOS button - when this SOS button is pressed for 6 seconds, it will sms / call to 5 phone numbers ...it will keep calling the 5 numbers until one of them replied or called back. It has a GPS feature to locate the current location of the phone as well, thus when the old folk 'terlost' somewhere, she/he can be easily found. I think this is neat, while the younger generation going after for ipad2, iphone etc etc , the elders go for ino phone ... my brother in law's mother is so happy to have her new phone, and she is on 1 month training lesson :) hehehe.... at the end of the training, there is a Mock SOS training to all her 5 phone numbers stored in her phone leh....cool yea :)

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Lily Riani said...

supercool...... we need this msia!