Monday, July 11, 2011

Bahija on air on BFM

Bahija was invited to BFM radio station, for a pre-recording session. I was invited as a caretaker for my epileptic brother, so I got a short air time to share my caretaker experience on my brother la ( on air ) was very cool for me, at the same time, also very 'kat cheong' la , to me, I could have said better things la, but it's over , great memories. After the BFM session, the neurologist belanja I lunch, was very blessed to be able to spend 1 hour with the doctor. Of course being me - the kiasu sister, I always took opportunity to squeeze in my questions about my brother la again told me, he reminded me years ago that medication will not work well for my brother, who has severe brain damaged. I challenged him and said "If there is a chance to improve his quality of life , such as reducing his seizure frequency, I will try my best to go for it...even though he is mentally challenged, he still deserve a better life ...." I felt like I was being prophesized over the lunch. Dr somehow said that everyone has a life purpose on earth, my brother is brought to this world having this epilepsy as well as mentally challenged, perhaps his purpose is just as simply as being who he is now , so that the people surrounding him can be affected. Dr said I am the one who gain the most, who learn more from him .... Wow, at that moment, it's too philosophical...but after some thought, it's true to some extents, thru him, indeed, I am a different person. I didn't tell him my side of story, here I want to say it out loud , thru my brother, not only do I gain something, I suppose I also give up a lot of things in my personal life ..... so it's complicated, hahahaha. Nevertheless, something is stirring within me , I don't know how the future will be for me .... but hope to walk thru it positively and END WELL. My pastor always said people tends to start well, but how many can end well .... I hope I make it to the 'end well' category, it's not easy .......


Lily Riani said...

i have soooo many nice thoughts and comment, but i rather tell you personnaly cos i think you deserve a hug too :)

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