Thursday, June 04, 2009

my first church camp

It's school holidays , 2 weeks break. lesser cars on the roads during office peak hours, plus most of my customers are on leave, no meetings at work during this 2 weeks, indirectly , my work schedule seem a bit relax now , I'm liking it of coz , hehehe.... I'm preparing myself to attend my first church camp, it's the Young Adult camp , will be held in Malacca. I'll be there from Sunday to Tuesday. The theme is 'Making Better Choices'. This is a good topic, all of us need to make decision from the moment we buka our mata... It's June liow, half of the year has gone by , I reckon it's a busy year for me ... I really am looking forward to spending quality time with My Lord, hearing His voice , receiving the messages He has for me ... Hope I'll enjoy my first church camp , hehehe....

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