Monday, June 23, 2008

my contiki trip

Things happened very fast ....within 2 weeks, Bahija and Sanguine Queen decided to 'Just Do It' , we went for 16 days Europe Horizon Contiki trip from June 8 to June 24. It's very fun and exciting. I've talked about goin Contiki for many years, it's great that I've made it while I'm still eligible ( for travellers from 18 yrs old to 35 yrs old only )

We have a friend in Amsterdam, thus both of us stayed extra days in Amsterdam, we also extended a few nights in Paris and enjoyed some shopping.... this year , Bahija didn't get any US trip, thus I enjoyed the little shopping spree at Paris :) ... I'll post more stories and photos later !

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MG said...

aiyoh, i passed the age limit .. darn! didn't know about contiki bfore this :(