Thursday, May 01, 2008


It's labor day today, a public holiday for all the workers :) ....when I logged on to check my office emails, saw a congratulation email - received a DRA ( Divisional Recognition Award) . Hmm, it's funny that the 'happiness' is not there, the 'excitement' is not there ... this is my 1st DRA from In-Kei , the last too and the only one too .... usually Bahija is very contented with even a small little thank you note ....after all, people took time to appreciate what I've done for him/her .... this time round , things just different liow , guess I'm preparing to shift out from office , and winding down my career here .....

some updates on me - my last day of working is June 30. I wish to take 3 mths break , spend time with family, go vacation , then perhaps a short mission trip. Wish to start working on Oct 1, this is the ideal plan. Bahija hasn't actively looking for jobs via head-hunters. However, I've received a few calls from my own contacts , I'm very blessed and very happy that people remembers me , and wanted to offer me jobs. I hv peace in this , knowing Father Lord will take care for me ....He'll open the right door for me :)

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