Saturday, March 08, 2008

Q1 ....

Hi all ... hope everyone is doing great yea :) .... my last post was Jan 2 , and now it's March - Q1 is over soon ...Bahija appreciated all those who have went online to catch me, phoned, emailed or smsed me yea, I'm doin OK

Jan - work life was really busy, besides doing my own project, also need to add on performed maternity coverage ...

Feb - hurray , maternity coverage done ! ... happily celebrated CNY. After CNY, my youngest sister went for her brain surgery to remove her cavernoma ( 5 mm blood clot ) on her upper left frontal brain.

Mar - mum busy taking care of sister, I helped out with other things .... this month Msians also busy 'kek-poh-ing' in politics , get ready for election on March 8. End of March, most of my friends at my work place will be leaving the company :( , i surely will miss them very much ...aiii , next - my US team members will be in PG ...I'll be ambassador again :)

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